Sunday, July 8, 2012

Morsy's Latest Stunt

Dear Friends:

He has FINALLY done it... Our great president has finally did the long awaited stunt... (obviously a decision coming from the president of the president of the president aka Morshid Badee3, and the president of the president aka, Khairat El-Shatter).

Ok... so what does this mean? is this proper? is this legal?
On the 14th of May 2012, the Higher Constitutional court has announced a verdict that the laws that have assigned the parliament were flawed, thus the one third of the parliament has been "unconstitutionally elected" ... period, so what is going on today is that numerous people are going around not knowing the crucial role of this court...

 أن حكم الدستورية العليا ينفذ من تاريخ نشره ولا يحتاج إلى من يصدر قرار حل، حيث طوقت قوات الأمن مجلس الشعب صباح الجمعة، وذلك عقب حكم المحكمة الدستورية أمس الخميس بحل البرلمان.

Translation?, yeah that's what i thought... basically, this means that the verdict of the Higher constitutional court is automatically applied from its date (14/6/2012), and does NOT need a verdict calling for the executive authority to dissolve the parliament, but regardless, the executive authority DID indeed secure the parliament the next Friday morning, following the court's verdict on Thursday.

إن المحكمة قضت كذلك بعدم دستورية عدد من مواد قانون الانتخابات التشريعية التي تعطي الأحزاب الحق في الترشح لثلث مقاعد مجلس الشعب المخصصة للمستقلين والتي تجري الانتخابات عليها بالنظام الفردي.
وبناء على ذلك أمرت المحكمة الدستورية بحل مجلس الشعب بالكامل مؤكدة أنه غير قائم بقوة القانون بعد الحكم بعدم دستورية قانون الانتخابات.

Again, translation, the court has moreover announced that due to the previously mentioned articles (no need to mention them now), which allows political parties the right to run on third of the individual seats, assigned for independents, the court has decided to dissolve the entire parliament, as it is not fully and properly created, and thus needs to be re-elected on.

Ok, So having THAT said... what other problems are their in the presidential decision today?

After a record High of 20 tweets, and reading 5 articles, and debating with 200 people in the past 4 hours only... i will simply put my fear as this...

1-I do NOT disagree with the presidential decision because its illegal... (i mean i do, but this Isn't my main concern)... what REALLY depresses me is that the president did NOT have the balls to free 12,000 civilians, does not have the Balls to Interfere in Syria, does not have the balls to Make REAL Changes... and for teh past week, ALL developments in the country were towards Ikhwan gaining more authority, such as the Public Newspapers, Labor Unions, and Now parliament.

2- i do NOT find it logical, ethical, or legal for the President to reverse a law or a Verdict that has BEEN announced before he was president, just because he doesn't "like" it, or finds it illegal, the President is NOT a judge, and is certainly NOT over the general prosecutor, the President should NOT use his power to manipulate the law for his personal "political party's" interest.

3- having said point three... the President needs to resign, as promised from FJP, and the Ikhwan, the President needs to have the balls to respect the oath he took in front of the Constitutional court, in respecting the court's verdicts, and needs to be a president for ALL Egyptians by releasing the 12,000 civilian prisoners under military trials, he needs to form a Government, as it has been 1 week, and its not like he wasn't expecting he was going to be president, and FINALLY he needs to RESPECT the court's decision, and the previous Executive Decision, even if i do not agree with them...

We are putting a STATE of LAW, and not a state of interests... sorry Morsy, you FAILED to gain the respect needed in the first week...

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*26-6-2012 (بوابة الأهرام العربي)
*2012/06/14 (الشروق)
*14/6/2012 (Coptic History)
*15/06/2012 (تشرين أون لاين)

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