Monday, June 18, 2012

Interview with Linkiesta

Sitting in Shayfeencom Headquarters, i find an Italian Journalist, reporting for Linkiesta, italian paper, the following section was taken from the Original report written by "Giovanna Loccatelli".

CAIRO - The organization is called "Shafyeencom" in Italian "We're watching." The center, one of the most accredited in the country, monitor the presidential elections (won by the candidate in the first round of the Muslim Brotherhood, Moursi that will collide with former Minister of Mubarak, Shafiq) and report any irregularities or violations. "We have accumulated 42 files and have them deposited in court because they are evaluated. The offenses are different and colorful, "says Ahmed Hafez, one of the founding members. "Our staff-still-is composed of people, men and women who have specific training and, in turn, chose the volunteers scattered across 17 governorates throughout Egypt.The offenses that we have collected are varied and supported by evidence. The problem is that the Egyptian people there is always the case, but paradoxically becomes desperate when you disagree with the final result. " He shakes his head in disapproval, lights a cigarette. Then flipping through his notebook, he adds, "for example, we are the only country that allows the dead to vote. Did you know? We have the evidence, now I'll show you: see - showing pictures - death certificates whose names appear on the list of people who voted. Here it is not perceived as a big scandal! Perhaps it would be elsewhere. "
Read his list. "We photographed in front of the seats, especially in villages, many paid for buses to collect people and take them to vote. " Show a picture, it is a bus covered by the images of the candidate of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Moursi. It is evident that it is not a means of locomotion that generally use the Egyptians."Besides-Hafez adds-some of our vigilant not been ushered into seats. Others have reported delays, including 2 hours, opening-and closing-in some places took place long before 9 o'clock, time fixed by statute. But the weirdest thing-but that no one can control - is that many polling stations during the day, closed for a couple of hours did not allow anyone to enter during that time frame. The break allowed, should not exceed 15 minutes. "

Original Article, Italian :

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