Thursday, September 29, 2011

State number 194

63 years of the Oldest, Largest, most complex conflict in the Middle East is about to take a drift, either to a better situation, or to an even more complex one. Next Friday, the UNSC (United Nations Security Council) will be discussing the matter of a Palestinian Statehood, and its acceptance in the United Nations as a Full Member. A Debate that has isolated the United States in the UNGA (United Nations General Assembly) after being the only state that has opposed a Palestinian state in the UN.
The Time is very arguable on if it's perfect or wrong, this term in the UN, the Arabs control the Security Council with Lebanon the President of council, and are also the president of the General Assembly, represented in Qatar. The entire international community is currently emphasizing with the Arab public, particularly due to the Arab Spring, and the Arab's quest for liberation from totalitarianism, and their quest for freedom. Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas has grabbed the opportunity of the international community's sympathy with the Arabs in general to bring back the problem of Palestine that has been somehow neglected by the media, simply because it has been going on for over 6 decades.

Mahmud Abbas has started with a long speech of 45 minutes in front of the General assembly, with all 193 delegations attending. he divided his speech into 2 parts, the first part, which was the longer part, was divided into 2 Topics, one was discussing the problems that 4 million Palestinians are facing, and the other was the settlements problem, and he tried to elaborate to the public the importance of the settlements in any future state of Palestine. The other part of his speech was about the Bid, for full membership in the UN. (Israel was admitted in 1949 with the partition of the UN).

So why IS Palestine so eager to get a country acknowledged by the UN, and how different will that be in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Palestine is currently an observer over the UN, meaning it has no right to vote, to pass resolutions, to call for any of its internationally law agreed rights between states. which basically means, as far as the international law knows, Palestine does not exist. their for they cannot file a law suit against Israel, either on invading its lands, building settlements, etc.. this will not change of course as Israel has managed to get away with a lot of things, lately with the flotilla between it, and Turkey, and the invasion of Lebanon back in 2006, but nevertheless this will mean that their will be more pressure on Israel, this is IF the US doesnt VETO such resolution.

The Veto is a simple rejection of a resolution in the Security Council, five Nations have this right, they are called the Permanent members (nicknamed the Golden Members), made out of the 5 Winning states after World War 2, USA, France, UK, China, and Russia (previously the USSR). in addition, Ten other members are elected by the General Assembly for two years terms, with five replaces each year, the members are chosen by regional groups that the UNGA has Confirmed, their are 6 Blocs in the UN, African Bloc, Latin and Caribbean, Asian, Western European and Eastern European, in addition to the Arab Bloc. the current members are:
Bosnia and Herzegovina - regional representative of Eastern Europe
Gabon - regional representative of Africa
Lebanon - regional representative of the Arab World (President of the Security Council)
Nigeria - regional representative of Africa
Colombia - regional representative of Latin American and Caribbean
Germany - regional representative of Western Europe
India - regional representative of Asia
Portugal - regional representative of Western Europe
South Africa - regional representative of Africa

So far the United States of America, under the Obama administration is the strongest opposer of such bid, even tho they realize the deterioration it will make between the newly US image in the region, with its support to the Arab Spring, especially in Libya, Egypt and Syria. in 2012, the US will be voting for a new President, an election year, which means the democrats will need to gather as much popularity as they can, and something that Israel will refuse will defiantly bring in a lot of numbers of Voters, to bring in support from the AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) one of the largest Israeli lobbies in the congress on one side, and to stop any opportunities the Republicans can seek in the campaigns against Obama during the elections.

The Bid WILL be turned down by the American Veto no doubt, unless Obama thinks for the good of his Country, instead of the good of his Political Party, but i believe that this has been a win/win situation, for a start, the Palestinian problem has come back on the table, the newer generations throughout the world are now aware again of the Palestinian Problem, the second thing, is that the US will isolate itself further more from the world and its politics, finally, its worth a shot, as if if its not approved, the Palestinians will seek a position still better than its current position, being an observer state, instead of an observer, which is the same position the Vatican (holy see) has in the UN.

Of course if it DOES got approved in the UNSC with some miraculous way, Palestine will be the State number 194... tell us what YOU think, and how the problem in the Middle East can be resolved...

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